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Bravante is sponsoring the book "Antarctica - The Last Frontier”


Na foto Marina e Amyr Klink com as filhas no lançamento do livro.

(Marina, Amyr and their daughters in the book launching)


Bravante is sponsoring the book "Antarctica - The Last Frontier", from the photographer Marina Klink.

The work is a kind of travel diary, which brings together over 180 photographs of landscapes, animals and climate of the frozen continent, captured by Marina during the expedition she made in Antarctica.

The book launch took place on 25 February at the bookstore Cultura in Sao Paulo. The event began with a presentation of her husband, the explorer and sailor Amyr Klink. The first launch of the book took place at Antarctica in January. Marina Klink set her main goal with the edition of the book published by Brasileira publisher: "I want to contaminate them with my passion for the icy continent. A place where I learned to appreciate nature. Antarctica is also a paradise for photographers due to indescribable scenery and lights.

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